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Why You Really Need to Know How to Read a Credit Report

CreditLife is presenting this The Motley Fool article, detailing more information about what is in your credit report, what is not, and what you need to look for to make smart decisions.

New "CreditLife - Credit Card Funding System" Available Now for Purchase!

CreditLife is excited to announce that our second product the "CreditLife - Credit Card Funding System" is available now for purchase!

What to consider when starting credit repair on yourself with the CreditLife credit repair system

This article discusses some things that all purchasers should keep in mind that are important to consider when starting to repair your credit by yourself with the "CreditLife - Credit Repair System".

Many new changes to come to your credit card...

Creditlife News brings you this CNBC article about the upcoming changes you can expect with your credit card and the security surrounding it...

More News About the New FICO Score Calculation

Creditlife News brings you this interesting article NY Times article that elaborates on an earlier article we posted about the new FICO scoring model.

Another Article About How FICO Credit Scoring Models Are Changing

Creditlife news brings you this additional story from Bloomberg, in more detail, about how the 3 credit bureaus are going to be adjusting how they calculate credit scores in favor of borrowers.

1/3 of the US Population Has Accounts in Collection Last Year brings you this interesting article from the Washington Post about how one third of our country's credit files had accounts in collection last year.

New Credit Bureaus Emerging Internationally brings you this interesting article surrounding how the UAE is starting there own credit bureau, to eliminate the confusion surrounding using the US based bureaus.

Bureaus Get Caught Again Taking Advantage of Consumers

A CreditLife News post from Cleveland Consumer Affairs about bureaus getting caught again of taking advantage of consumers.

Ever Wonder How Your School Loans Look on Your Credit?

A CreditLife News post of a USNews article on how student loans show up on your credit report.

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