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All I Can Say is Thank You!!!

"The Credit Life Credit Repair System has taken a system by making it simple to use through a step by step precess. I've use this system for over 3 months and in those three months I was able to improve my score by almost 200 points. I started with a score of 530 and by the end of the system I ended up with 760 FICO score. I've been carrying that 530 score for a long time after bad student loans and so much debt I had on my credit cards. All I can say is THANK YOU!!! Credit Life you guys really give me a new hope of credit." - Jorge T.

I Was Extremely Impressed By How Effective the System Worked

"After purchasing the $99 DIY System I was extremely impressed by how effective the system worked. I was able to remove several inaccurate accounts within the first 2 months of using the system. This is the right way to do credit repair!! The system worked so well that within the first 30 days I was able to remove inaccurate accounts from several of my family members personal credit reports as well. The system works so well at removing accounts that I have decided to start a part time credit repair business. This is the best credit repair system out there!!" - Ashley E.

I Just Want to Say You Are the King of Credit Repair

"I just want to say you are the king of credit repair. I purchased [your] do it yourself program a few months back and yesterday I received results from TransUnion. Everything got erased, total of 9 accounts, in 3 months even the car repo I had last year. Report is clean now. I'm still working Expirian and Equifax. Let me know if there is a solution to remove inquiries that would help even more. I'll keep you posted for the rest. By the way [my] score went from 454 to 622. Thanx in advance." - Carlos B.

The CreditLife System is the Best Money I have Invested in Myself

"I was fortunate to find out about the CreditLife System via YouTube. I was looking for a solution where I could take repairing my own credit into my own hands. I purchased the CreditLife System in February, filed my first round of disputes, and within 30 days my scores went up. My scores are now 747, 747, 769. I was amazed at the speed of how the negative items were removed from my credit report. The CreditLife System is the best money I have invested in myself. I love this product! My favorite part about the whole experience was the support. I am so grateful for the support that The CreditLife System Team provided me with. EXCELLENT support (A+ Rating). I am very pleased :) Thank you guys! :) " - Roy F.

For Those Who Are Contemplating Buying the System, Don't Wait

"For those who are contemplating buying  the system, don't wait. So far in the first 3 weeks, 27 items have been deleted from my 3 CRs. Second round going out tomorrow. A quick note about me, I owned a small  business (Sole Proprietorship) and when it went bankrupt, I ended up with 73 negatives on my 3 CRs. After doing research, I realized it would cost me a small fortune to have someone else work on my file. And then I found CreditLife!! I am very grateful for this system! Follow the instructions to the letter! Best Wishes!" - Maria R.

CreditLife is Giving My Family a Fresh Start

"I first came across CreditLife on a social media site. I don't have bad credit but several family members do, including my wife. It can be quite cumbersome when financing is needed for something, and your spouse has challenged credit. After doing quite a bit of due diligence, I decided to purchase the CreditLife system. Immediately after digesting the system, I began to complete the first step for my wife, daughter and son in law. The process is so easy to understand, and the customer support is unparalleled. After our first round of results we had several items removed from each bureau. We are on round two, and are looking forward to those results! CreditLife is giving my family a fresh start, and for that, we are all very grateful" - Michael N.

I Am Getting the Same Results as the Big Credit Repair Companies

"With this system, I am getting the same results as the big credit repair companies, but I own it forever. I've also helped 6 of my clients. Invaluable." - Casey S.

By Far One of the Most Effective Systems That I Have Seen Out There

"Purchased this credit repair system back in December.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was skeptical about it working but after applying the system to a client after the first round the results were eye popping.  I was able to take my clients scores from the high 500's, to the high 600's to mid 700's!  The support was very quick to respond to questions that arose from the system.  I always got a response within 15 minutes of asking a question.  Never had an issue and was always willing to help until I understood what I needed to and whatever issue was resolved.  By far one of the most effective systems that I have seen out there that use all legal avenues unlike other systems out there that use illegal means to clean up your report." - Lee Jon S.

I Want People to Know This is a Real System

Hi I'm Shane and I'm from Los Angeles, California. I wanted to write this testomonial not because I was asked to but because I want people to know this is a real system.  Before getting this system my credit score was in the mid 500s. Like other credit systems it always sounds too good to be true. This is the one that isn't. Literally in 45 days when my first round of letters went out my score increased 70 Pts. The second round got my score into the 700s. I'm not going to say everyone's credit will do that but I will say this system will improve your score. It's really simple and the steps were easy to follow. What's also cool is that if you have a question you will get a real reply. So if you really want to help yourself and not depend on others this is the first and last step you will need to take. Thanks CreditLife for sharing your credit repair techniques and system with the people. - Shane W.

I Follow It to the "T"... And I Do Get Results!

"I started using your CreditLife credit repair system in May...and it made a huge impact on my credit file as well as my wife's. Your system has enlightened me in its simplicity and ease of use. Your model makes sense.... I recently started working on a friend's report and amazingly, my friend got a boost in score within 30 days. Your system is concise and easy to follow... for all three bureaus. I follow it to the "T" and I do get results!!! Thank you for your system!" - Yves S.

One of the Best Investments I've Ever Made

"I have been using this system for a couple months now and so far it has proven to be very effective. It takes a simple yet sophisticated approach towards dealing with each of the bureaus. It is easy to understand and the simplicity of it gives a lot of room for the most important thing, scalability.  Add to that the fact that the support is extremely knowledgeable and responsive.  This is easily one of the best investments I've ever made." - F. Balile

The System Works EXTREMELY WELL!

"The system works EXTREMELY WELL! I helped a family member 1st. She had 22 negatives on TU and on the 1st dispute got 16 deleted. Then 2nd round got the other 6 removed! My reports I had a total of 18 items, that included accounts and inquiries that needed removed from TU and EXP combined. I got all 18 deleted with the first letter to both bureaus in 30 days!" - M. Twitty

Finally, One That Actually Works

"I would just like to take this timeout and thank you for your development with the credit repair system, finally, one that actually works. My results with your system have been amazing to say the least and i would recommend it to anyone getting into the business, so easy, a sleeping giant could follow these directions and get positive results, I'm a fan for life, Thank you!" - Marcus M.

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