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Overusing Credit Cards and the Toll It Can Take on Your Credit

This The Simple Dollar article examines why it is essential to keep in control of your credit card debt and avoid overspending, as much as possible.

Why is Bad Credit Such a Bad Thing?

This CNN article explores the reasons you really need to avoid bad credit, and why it is important to focus on certain things to stop bad credit from happening to you.

Ideas for Paying Down Debt

This NerdWallet article shares real life stories from users who utilized these tips to pay down and eliminate debt.

Buying Your First Home

This HGTV article outlines considerations to make, as well as steps to take, in finding and then buying the home of your dreams.

Increasing a Credit Card Limit: Positives and Negatives

In some instances, increasing a credit limit can increase your credit score, whereas not following a few simple steps could have the opposite effect. This Consumer Reports article details the differences.

Signs You're Overspending

This CNBC article highlights things everyone should be watching for, regarding balancing lifestyle and budget.

Millennials: Striking a Balance with Credit

This The Motley Fool article explores the growing trend of avoiding credit card debt as well as why, at the same time, using a card responsibly can be valuable.

Preventing Your Child from Having Identity Theft

This Parent Co. article explains things you can be aware of and monitor to protect your child from identity theft.

Unemployment: How This Can Impact Your Credit

CreditLife is including this NextAdvisor article for those that may have concerns over the potential impact of unemployment...

Equifax Breach: More Ways to Protect Yourself

CreditLife is sharing this The Spokesman-Review article, which outlines some further ways you can ensure the security of your information, after the Equifax breach.

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