What to consider when starting credit repair on yourself with the CreditLife credit repair system

We have been very fortunate to have many people purchase our "CreditLife - Credit Repair System" to date and look forward to the many many more in the future, and we are very appreciative for all of our customers. With that being said, I would like to discuss a few things that all purchasers should keep in mind and these are important. 

1. If you purchase our system, please follow it to the T from beginning to end. whether you have been to someone else before starting with our system or multiple people, just start it like this is the first time you are doing credit repair. There are no special instructions other than what we outline in the system

2. Remember to ask as many questions as needed throughout the process. We are 100 percent committed to our purchasers success with this process, which why we offer both the support center and the forum, multiple avenues for purchasers to ask questions, and get the right answers. We wouldnt have those 2 avenues if we didnt want you to use them. 

3. Take what you read on the internet regarding credit repair with a grain of salt... We get a lot of clients that purchase the system, that come in with many preconceived notions from so called "credit repair" websites where they read something and they take it as fact. Its important to understand, most of these websites are designed to drive traffic with trigger words and credit repair happens to be one of the top most googled terms, so people design these sites to drive traffic and make money on the traffic and they are much less catered around legitimate substance and more about driving traffic to there site. We are more than happy to help you with what is fact and what is fiction. leverage our knowledge

4. AND THIS IS A BIG ONE.  I get tons of questions about purchasers thinking, just because with one dispute an item comes back verified, that the verification is permanent and the account cant come off. When an item comes back as verified in that dispute, it means that based on what you sent the bureaus, and what the creditor or collection company has sent the bureaus, they are more inclined to verify the creditors position AT THAT TIME WITH THAT DISPUTE. That doesn't mean anything permanent, and for those of you whom have purchased the system and are reading this, you know its just a matter of moving onto the next step, which will continue to wedge off that account, with the subsequent steps in our process. If one step doesn't remove the account, within our system and if followed correctly, the odds are very high that one of the subsequent steps will.

We want to wish everyone a great 2015 and we wanted to thank all of our purchasers from 2014 and look forward to all of our potential new purchasers in 2015. We appreciate the ability to help you achieve your goals with our system and our support! 

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