Forecasts for 2020 real estate values.
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2020 Interest rates projection

If you would like an idea of where interest rates are projected to head into 2020, the fed outlines some details here. knowledge is power and allows you to plan in advance for future financing. The Federal Reserve rate hikes impact every type of credit, not just one particular type.

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If your in control of your finances, and are leveraging properly then your taking advantage of 0 percent balance transfer options so you can likely maximize rewards and eliminate interest in money borrowed. here is a list

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this article is so true. Cant wait until this industry its, 'finance managers', finally gets regulated. Not sure how the auto lending industry was the only one that came out of the Financial crisis of 07-08 with no additional regulation to speak of, but it will eventually because more and more of this is occurring at beyond a predatory perspective. Use our system to clean your report and then get your auto financing lined up before you go into the dealer, which takes out the opportunity for them to play the games.


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Keeping the collection companies honest

Please read attached link. If you have collections, know what the collection companies can say, when they can call, and most importantly what they cant say or do, etc. Dont let them play fast and loose assuming you dont know the laws. Knowledge is power, it levels the playing field and closes the gap, thereby inching the leverage in your favor.

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New mortgage loan limits for 2020

As values in our country continue to steady and in some areas still climb ever so slightly, fannie mae and freddie mac are again forced to raise loan limits for 2020. Fha, conventional, etc mortgages increase there loan limits for 2020.

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Since some of our purchasers are in a position where they are being garnished or could be garnished, its important to understand what it means, details, etc surrounding it and how it can effect you and how long.

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If your a consumer and your deep in student loan debt stay far away from this.
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Home Equity Lines and Credit Score

You are considering whether or not to get a home equity line of credit. This The Simple Dollar article details the positives and negatives of this decision, as well as how it can impact your credit score.

Teaching Your Child Responsible Credit

Is credit card management the right move? Learn from this USA Today article how you can help your child begin to build a good credit history in three different ways.

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